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Preparing for a cat behavior consultation

Why virtual?

During the pandemic, we switched to exclusively virtual cat behavior consultations. We’ve found that this allows us more availability and flexibility without a loss in our ability to help our clients and their cats.

Many cats hide during home visits, so a virtual consultation allows us to see how your cat typically behaves, without stressing them out!

We supplement our virtual consultations with videos, handouts, and written guidelines. We may also demonstrate techniques such as play, handling, or training during our session.

We may ask you to provide us with additional information, such as photos or videos of your home and cat(s), as well as veterinary records. This helps us better understand your situation and prepare for our meeting.

Overview of the process

  • Consults are very informal and conversational! We’ll be having an honest and open chat!
  • We recommend that all adults who are in the home attend; kids can attend at your discretion (depending on their age/ability to focus, and interest level).
  • We are meeting to  assess your pet situation, not your home – please keep things “as is” (we won’t judge).

What happens during a cat behavior consultation?

We will first review and discuss the history and details of your situation. We will likely have more questions for you, and may want a “virtual tour” of your home.

We’ll spend a significant portion of our time together going over specific recommendations. We’ll conclude our time together by making sure you have an understanding of your plan and by answering any questions you have.

The nuts and bolts

We recommend a video consultation, and can meet via Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Facetime.)  Let us know if you prefer an audio-only call.

Territory is very important to cats! If you can meet on a device (tablet/phone) that allows you to walk around your home, this is helpful. If a live-time video “tour” isn’t possible, you can email video of relevant areas – we suggest a “guided video tour” of the home and your cats’ daily routine, where you point out areas such as litter boxes, food bowls, water bowls, scratching posts/trees/resting areas, and so on.

Tips, technical problems, and backup options:

  • If your wi-fi signal is spotty, consider a back-up plan (ex: hotspot through your phone carrier).
  • Ensure all devices are fully charged.
  • We can switch to alternate accounts to avoid rescheduling (ex: Skype, Hangouts, etc.).
  • If we lose our connection, we will call or email you right away.

Before the consultation

  • We ask that you send any requested supplemental material, such as photos, maps, video footage, and veterinary records at least 48 hours ahead to avoid cancellation.
  • Prepare a list of questions, concerns, or anything else you wish to address.
  • Choose a quiet room with good lighting and strong internet connection.
  • Prepare your pet’s favorite yummy food treats and toys.
  • Be prepared to take notes!
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