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What Our Clients Say

How we help cats: Testimonials from our clients

I am belatedly getting back in touch to thank you for your help with my cat Flower, who was having some behavioral issues two years ago, including walking around yowling all night long and peeing on everything. I can’t believe what a nice little guy he’s grown up to be.

Thank you for your role in this success and for helping me believe that his behavior could improve. It means a lot. He’s a very special little guy, and my heart would have broken if his living with my other cats and me hadn’t worked out. Everyone is getting along. If you’d told me the three of them and I would be living happily in a studio apartment, I wouldn’t have believed it, but it’s true. Thank you again for your support.”
Flower, a black and white cat.
Hi Mikel,
Thought I’d send a little follow up note to let you know how the kitties are doing these days. We are pleased to report that it’s going great. Something like a splash of luck (Ginny is a sweet and comparatively mellow kitten) plus lots of good advice from you has yielded a good situation overall for everyone.

Ginny loves Lucy more each day and adores her very obviously. Sometimes she just gets as close as she can, reaches her paws out, purrs and just STARES at her with soft, contended eyes. Other times she grooms Lucy’s tail or head. Lucy tolerates it well, and they play more than they used to, but it’s still annoying for Lucy when it gets to be too ardent, shall we say. When we are home we try to distract Ginny before she, like, sits completely on Lucy with plans to lick her ears and head for 5 minutes, but Lucy is good at making her boundaries known.

Anyway, that’s it from us, really! We are a happy two-cat household, which is kind of amazing. You have been such a help to us this year and we are deeply grateful. 

Take care & thank you for everything!

Annie & Tim & the kitties
A black cat and a grey and white cat lying together on a bed.
“Godard and Truffaut are friends again!

They’ve been hanging out all day while someone is at home and sleeping together in the bed every night. They don’t bother each other when they’re eating or using the litter boxes, and they have friendly chases and wrestles. Sometimes Truffaut will hiss at Godard when he’s done playing, but Godard simply walks away and everyone is happy. The past seven months have been pretty harrowing, but we stuck with it and came out the other side.

Thanks so much for giving us such wonderful tools to help guide our little guys through the process of becoming friends again.”
A grey tabby and a tuxedo cat cuddling together in a cat bed.
“Hi Mikel, I know that you said you’d follow up, but I had to write to tell you how positive my experience has been with your advice and insights. Maggie has continued to have perfect behavior. When I was away – as was my husband – she was taken care of by our neighbor.  I was worried she might act out – but she was a perfect girl during that time and used her boxes faithfully.  Not one accident! DEEP APPRECIATION for your insights and expertise.”
closeup on a black and white kitten
San Francisco
“More good news! Last weekend I went out of town. I fully expected to return home and find cat pee somewhere…no cat pee anywhere!!! The cats still have their occasional tiffs with each other but they sure seem to be so much better! I’m so happy about no pee!!! Thank you so much for everything :)”
A black and white cat and tabby and white cat lying on a bed together.
“I just wanted to give you an update on Lady and Max. We followed your plan, and your advice was great. After all that, they’re now great friends. I’ve attached a picture of the best buds. Thanks for all your help!”
A grey cat and an orange and white together cuddling on a couch.
John and Liss
San Francisco
“I just wanted to say happy holidays and let you know how well things are with Truman and Dewey. I can’t thank you enough. Dewey is a wonderful cat and I am thrilled that it worked out. We went from growling, hissing and swiping to two friends on the couch! Sometimes Dewey rubs himself against Truman and licks him. Truman is still a little scared about this, but he deals with it. Love, patience and incredible help and guidance from Feline Minds made this a happy story (and home!).” 
A medium hair cat and a small dog cuddling on a bed.
“After months of trying everything we could possibly think of, we were really losing hope that our cats would ever get along again. After having had almost no problems for the previous years they’d lived together, they started fighting after one of them went to a routine checkup at the vet. The fighting just escalated until we couldn’t keep them in the same space at all, which was very challenging in a small apartment!

Mikel visited our apartment and immediately saw some room for improvement in terms of the physical space, as well as getting a sense of the dynamic that had developed with the cats. She sent us a very easy-to-follow document with recommendations for toys, cat trees, etc., as well as a straightforward training program. We followed her advice and had the cats back together within a few weeks. As we went through this process, Mikel was available to answer any questions and help us really understand each new phase of reintroducing them.

I just wish that there were Feline Minds franchises across the country because I can see how much these services are needed and how difficult it can be find! We are incredibly grateful that Stinky and Minnie are now (almost always!) back to their old peaceful coexistence — and we feel really confident that we can get great advice if anything else comes up.”
Two cats lying on a bed together.
“They are still not the best of friends but Satchee is gaining confidence around Kaiju and he’s learning to listen to her cues. It’s wonderful to finally be on this side of all that work. It was all worth it!”
Two cats sleeping on beds near each other.
“Hi Mikel,
I just wanted to say thank you. We stuck with your suggestions long-term, and our cats’ behavior has improved greatly!! We never thought that this would be possible — Coco and Finn used to hate each other!

Thank you again!
Two tuxedo cats cuddling on an armchair.
Jen and Adam
To not have to keep Scout and Olive separated or worry if scuffles will damage their relationship is huge. And to have them snuggling again is outstanding. So grateful for your support and that we didn’t have to separate them!”
Two cats cuddling
David and Maggie
“Talking to you about it and thinking about things from Chloe’s perspective helped me figure out how to make things ok for her”
San Ramon
“Lucy has been doing quite well. No bad cat box behavior at all. Thanks for your help”
“Bailey is doing much better so far and lets us sleep through the night. He seems to enjoy the food puzzles. Things are great now”
San Jose
“Things are coming along with Mia and Buddy. She has responded very well to the added confidence building and while she still hisses at him some, it’s much better than before and we are pleased. She’s not nearly as fearful as before. We thank you again”
Sue and John
San Mateo
“Charlie, myself and my sanity thank you so much for your help and great advice!”
“Chazz is doing well. We have been keeping up with his behavior modification plan. He finally figured out how to get his food out of the treat ball, as well as, doing other mind stimulation games with the toys you recommended…He has not sprayed in the garage since I contacted you about it or the house. Our fingers are crossed that this trend will continue! We are staying positive he doesn’t have any set backs. Thank you again for your advice and checking on him!”
“Thanks for following up. Things have been much better! The hissing has decreased dramatically, so that’s a big step in the right direction. Thanks again for your help and advice!”
San Francisco