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Cat behavior consultation $350

  • Video or phone consultation (60+ minutes)
  • Immediate advice plus a written plan
  • One month follow-up coaching via email
  • Good for: litter box problems, single cat households, aggression toward humans, fear/anxiety or attention-seeking behaviors

Inter-cat aggression package $550

  • Highly recommended for difficult introductions or cats who have started fighting
  • Video or phone consultation (60+ minutes) PLUS
  • 2 hours of follow up support via video calls (2 – 4 additional sessions)
  • Ongoing support increases successful outcomes

Follow up session $150

  • For established clients who need additional help
  • Video or phone consultation (60+ minutes)

Please note that we only book out appointments 2 to 4 weeks ahead. We update our availability each month. If there are no appointments available right now, please check back again soon.

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