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Cat Behavior Services

Our services for cat guardians

Remote consultation $300

  • Video or phone consultation (60+ minutes)
  • Immediate advice
  • Supportive plan and handouts
  • One month follow-up coaching via email
  • Best for: litter box problems, one cat households

Inter-cat aggression package $500

  • Highly recommended for those having difficulties introducing cats or cats who have started fighting
  • Includes first session and up to 2 hours of support via video calls
  • Ongoing support increases successful outcomes

Follow up session $150

  • For established clients
  • Recommended for inter-cat aggression and households experiencing multiple behavior issues

Please note that we only book out appointments 2-4 weeks ahead. We update our availability each month. If there are no appointments available on the scheduler, please check back again soon.

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Shelter Services

We have trained staff and volunteers at the San Francisco SPCA, Fremont Animal Services, Toni’s Kitty Rescue, Maine Coon Adoptions, Alameda Animal Services, and San Francisco Animal Care and Control. 

We customize training to suit your needs. Email us for more information and pricing.

orange cat in a cage at an animal shelter

Shelter Staff and Volunteer Training

  • Temperament testing in a shelter setting
  • Determining adoptability
  • Reducing stress in shelter cats
  • Adoption matchmaking and counseling
  • Cat behavior and body language
  • Safe handling
  • Socializing feral kittens
Scared grey cat in an animal shelter cage

Public Classes for Your Clients

Help cats stay in their new homes!

  • Kitten Kindergarten
  • Enrichment for indoor cats
  • Preventing behavior problems in the home
  • Cats and kids
  • Introducing new cats into the home and more!